Hein's useful stuff for van enthusiasts
These are items we have used in our van builds and travels.
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prices and other options. Suggestions welcome and please
tell me if an item is not found or unavailable. email Hein

Thinsulate installation tools and supplies
3M 90 spray adhesive
3M 90 spray adhesive Low VOC
wide cloth tape for seams
Power shears
    Adding shoe using aluminum flashing

Roof vent adapter installation tools and supplies
3M  windoweld cartridge
Flexseal liquid 16 oz
3M 4412N sealant tape
    1" wide
    2" wide
Manus butyl tape for Heki vents
    1/2" wide
    other widths 3/8, 3/4, 1"
    EternaBond EC-1 cleaner
    (use to clean van surface)

Tapes and sealants
3M VHB tape 4611 high temp
1/2" wide x 15 ft
1" wide x 15 ft
ProFlex exterior caulking

Electrical and wiring supplies

Ancor Marine wire. Some lengths are not always available
We may have shorter lengths available for local pickup only.
    18 gauge
    12 gauge
    10 gauge
    8 gauge
    18 gauge speaker wire

Ancor Marine Crimp Terminals
Crimp tool for above
Welding cable
    4 gauge red & black 10ft ea
    2 gauge red & black 15 ft ea
Welding cable lugs

    choose cable and hole size from list
    note: Fullriver battreries accept 5/16" ID lugs
small cable lug crimp tool
large cable lug crimp tool
better direct price for above:
nylon split loom
    1/4 ID
    1/2 ID
    3/4 ID

Tesa cloth electrical tape
Blue Sea Terminal Fuse holder
terminal fuses for above
    200 A
    150 A
 Bussman Circuit breakers
    150 A
    100 A
    60 A
BlueSea Fuse panels
Digital Temperature controller
lighter plug sized volt meter
Hall Effect Current Meter
    box with on/off switch for meter above:
Panel with volt meter, USB ports, lighter socket and switch
Panel with all above and more switches

Van coffee and cooking
120V 800 watt drip coffe maker
12V vacuum insulated water boiler
120V 800 watt kettle
120V 800 watt induction cooker

LED lighting and controls
Remote dimmer switch w/ 3 way capability
Marker lights (for interior/exterior)
Warm white stick-on strip lights
Dimmer dial with on/off
Remote control dimmer
Courtesy light
wall mount reading/task light

water systems and plumbing
reinforced PVC NSF tubing

freeze proof PVDF barb fittings
    choose Natural KynarŪ (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
3-way valve for fill/drain/suction port
mixing valve for exerior shower
quick disconnect hose fitting

Interior Climate/Comfort
4 zone temperature/humidity monitor
digital temperature controller
non digital temerature contoller
12V 2 speed dual blower interior fan
12V Peletier Dehumidifier 75 watt
9V Peletier Dehumidifier 25 watt
  12V>9V power converter for above:

Audio upgrades and speakers
Alpine PWE-S8 powered subwoofer
(sounds great, no separate amp, easy to install in our sub panels)

10" free air resonance shallow mount sub woofers

6.5" & 6.75" speakers for Sprinter, Transit, Promaster
front and rear doors. Recommended for our adapters.
    Rockford Fosgate
    JL audio
    Memphis Audio
Here is a search at Crutchfield:
note: not all speakers will fit. Please tell us your choice
and we will verfiy for you.

Solar arrays
Please contact Hein for help with layouts
Our towers (design patent pending)
    For use with 8020 Crossbars
        Promaster  *coming soon*
    Direct Mount for Sprinter
    for use with panels ~47" wide (Renogy 100D and RNG-100D slim)
Our mounting tabs (typically 4 per 100 watt panel and 8 for large panels)
    for use when two panels share the same crossbar
    2-hole for 8020 Tee connection *listing coming soon* please call
8020 that we stock in black and clear (10% discount for warehouse pickup)
    1517 rounded

Order your own 8020 1502 and 1517 series LS for crossbars and framing
    (Hein can configure these for you and send a link to purchase)

Renogy panels
    RNG-100D new edition
    for use with 8020 crossbars and our towers
    for use with our direct mount towers for Sprinter
    RNG-100D slim:
    narrow version for use with our direct mount towers for Sprinter
    Eclipse (black panel)
    for use with 8020 crossbars and our towers

Cable entry methods
Small combiner box
Cable glands for above
BlueSea cable clam
SeaView multi cable clam

end of list
last update 3-4-19

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