VS30 (2019 +)  Sprinter Roof A/C Delete Plate w/RV Vent Fan Hole or Without Hole

VS30 (2019 +) Sprinter Roof A/C Delete Plate w/RV Vent Fan Hole or Without Hole

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Aluminum plate and spacer strips for covering OEM AC hole on Sprinter VS30 (2019 to present) with factory installed roof AC. Plates are .090 thick unfinished aluminum. Strips are PVC based plastic. Vent hole is 14x14.

This Plate will NOT work on the NCV3 (2007-2018) Sprinter.


  1. Assembled (recommended) version comes with all strips bonded to plate. Ready to install on vehicle.
  2. Un-assembled version requires strips to be bonded to plate. See instructional videos below.
  3. A urethane structural adhesive is required to make all bonds between strips plate and vehicle.
    recommended products: 3M Windoweld, Dupont Betaseal U-458plus, Sikaflex 221
  4. Plate is unpainted but can be painted to match vehicle.
    5. RV vent flange is mounted with butyl tape provided.
  5. Membrane sealant or tape recommended over the top of all seams recommended products: Dicor self leveling sealant or 3M 4412-N extreme sealing tape.

 Best way to understand this product and installation is to watch these three videos.

Please text Hein for technical support. 541 49O 5O98

Van owner and/or installer assumes all risk associated with roof top mounted items and/or components. Van owner and/or installer recognizes and agrees that this product, and each of its component parts, is sold “as is” and that seller makes no representation or warranty of merchantability that the product is fit for any particular purpose.