Indel B Plein-Aircon 12V Air Conditioner Adapter for Promaster

Indel B Plein-Aircon 12V Air Conditioner Adapter for Promaster

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Sikaflex 221 Adhesive
Indel B Plein-Aircon 12V Patent Pending adapter matches the contour of the OEM roof so the air conditioner mounts to a flat surface.  Prevents distorting the roof sheet metal and can be used as an aid for locating the AC. They are CNC machined out of UV and fire resistant expanded PVC.
This item will come with one of our matching foam seals. You won't use the one that came with the unit.

This is a new item and we are building more positions. If you don't see the one you want please reach out to Kim 541-49O-4292.

AC Adapter Install procedure: We recommend 3m Window-weld or Sikaflex 221 adhesive. Locate and cut the hole. You can use the adapter as a guide to mark the hole. Stay clear of roof supports, obviously. Make a tape line 1/4" beyond the adapter perimeter. De-gloss the area with a Scotch- brite pad. No need to scuff. Just dull the paint. Clean with isopropyl alcohol and let dry thoroughly. Blow dryer if it's wet and/or cold out. Apply a good amount of the Window-weld on the face of the adapter. Then press the adapter down onto the roof until the adhesive oozes out the sides. It's not necessary to clamp. If you do, use a lot of lightly set clamps and spread out the clamp force over the whole surface area. Using the adhesive that oozes out, make a fillet around the adapter with a double gloved finger. Pull the tape within 15 minutes. Cure is fast on outside. Let cure overnight and then proceed with the AC install per the AC instruction. Seal the adapter and onto the roof about 1/2" with brush on bed-liner or Flexseal from the TV guy works well. Good idea to check the integrity and reapply the sealant every so often. Dicor self leveling sealant also works but looks a little messy.

Watch Hein's youtube video about this product.

If you have questions about this product you can call Hein at 541-49O-5O98

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