KISAE Abso DC-DC Charger 100A  DMT12100

KISAE Abso DC-DC Charger 100A DMT12100

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KISAE Abso DC-DC Charger 100A  DMT12100

Product features
  • Dual input: MPPT Solar input or Alternator/Battery input.
  • Multi-stage charging ensures batteries are charged to battery manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Microprocessor controlled charging algorithm (Bulk, Absorption, Float) for Gel, Flooded, AGM and Lithium batteries.
  • Solar Input to trickle charge Alternator Input battery.
  • MPPT solar regulator provides maximum power from solar panels to battery.
Product dimensions

Length: 14.0”, Width: 8.1“, Height: 3.8” (356mm x 205mm x 97mm)
Weight: 7.1 lbs. / 3.23 Kg

Battery temp sensor available at:

If you have questions about this product you can call Hein at 541-49O-5O98

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